Constitution of mind of mine

Hyper rules 

  1. Never sleep in class
  2. Prepare for the class and lab in advanced
  3. Remember that every subject is your favourite
  4. Not Today, Not Tomorrow
  5. Dopamine UP HIGH HIGHER
  6. Never Fear
  7. No one else is better
  8. 0000000………0001 is possible
  9. Perfecto
  10. Innovation at its best – experiment
  11. Don’t care what others think about you
  12. Don’t disrespect anyone, stay humble
  13. Help others
  14. Do Your best at what you do

Everything Else

  1. What you say you DO
  2. Focus 9 to 1
  3. Don’t care for small things
  4. Note Small things
  5. You should get to the point where anyone else would quit, and you are not going to stop there.
  6. Rewrite this or re-read it, every day ….

What I want to Do

1) Its not the right time to decide what is the philosophy of world.
2) Wait until, time settles, things will get clear afterwards
Long term elaborate challenge –
…….30 June 2019…….

1) Don’t ever go to class sleepy and ensure thaat you pay attention to classes
-ensure sleep is proper and ensure you learn from classes
2) Don’t go to class unprepared
– study something about the topic and go prepared
3) After classes and in between classes, there is time, utilise it.
– don’t waste time in chats in mess or in internet (check webmail that’s it)
– make summaries of classwork almost everyday or every other day
4) Academics are always priority, do extra curriculars when you get frust from studying, not when you want, first get frust then do them.
5) Contact professor/senior for advice on where to get questions from.
6) Solve questions, theories don’t help, questions help, so solve them.
7) Do all of the points above religiously.

General Life-
1) People don’t give a damn, so don’t expect it from them. Those who do want to learn from you, be open to help.
2) Family is very important, they are the real people who concern about you, make them proud.
3) Help those who need it, those who deserve it, and those who will help others.
4) There are adictions all around, but greatest of them is addiction to reality, be adicted to reality, nothing else is needed.
5) Critics, haters, back stabbers, enemy in the shape of friend, and negative people are always there, so don’t complain about them.
6) Good people are there to help you, ask desperately for help, when you need it, someone will surely turn out, (atleast CS).
7) You are already in a good standing, so appreciate it.

Extracurriculars –
1) Vox is important, no excuses.
2) Antaragni is not for girls, you don’t want to get them, you want to get the HEAD, so do your work religiously.
3) Techkriti can get messy at times, you have to do things you don’t want, for the things you want.
4) President requires everything (acads included), so get everything.
5) All positions for sale are positions for you, unless it is really important (1/2/3) don’t compromise for them for acads.
6) See what is important for you, not what is important for all

I know you may find it foolish, I know you may find it odd.
But the truth is-
Legend is not made by man, It is made by God.

Pain is temoporary. It may last for a min, an hour or a day or an year.
But eventually it will subside. And something else will take its place.
If I quit however, it will last forever.
Somebody came out of office the other day crying.
I said: don’t cry to give up, cry to keep going.
Don’t cry to quit, you’re already in pain, you are already hurt get a reward from it.
Write down atleast five reasons on why you deserve your dreams.
And why you won’t give up.
What’s gonna make you unstoppable.
why you must be unreasonable because logical practical thinking says you can’t do it today.
But if you wanna produce unreasonable results in your life, like living your dream and taking charge of your destiny.
You got to be an unreasonable person.
You got to be an uncommon person.


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