Olympics loss of Sania Mirza & Rohan Bopanna

sania-mirza-rohan-bopanna-1308Lost last few hopes for Olympic medals. Great try by Sania Mirza & Rohan Bopanna…. 🙂 You already made India proud, by reaching this stage_/\_
[ There is still little hope from few other players remaining ]

This day can be marked as the opening ceremony of blame-games, I just hope this time people with authority, act somewhat responsibly. Rest assured, Indian team worked hard, maybe it was bad luck combined with a lack of strong leadership from administrative organizations and a poor sporting environment in our country which led us to witness this day.

With almost 18% of world population, it’s highly unlikely that a country as large as India might not produce even one medal (let it be of any colour! )
It’s clear that talent is not being identified and trained towards preparing a world-class-future-athlete for India….

Quite Sad…. though all we do is ‘say’…. we can’t even imagine the level of nervousness those athlete’s face when competing against the best sportsperson in their field.
And here we can just try to do something…. at least not deviate, anyone, who is aspiring to become a sportsperson to find another ‘career’. Maybe one day we can say India might be somewhere in top 10 teams in Olympics according to medals tally…. Seems unachievable currently, but it may be possible after next 20 years or so if we start acting today!


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