Simple and satisfied life


Writer: Gaurav Munjal, CEO Un-academy

Back in school, I used to think (or maybe that’s what the society made me believe) that happiness equals good grades. Eventually that translated into “getting into IIT”. I got above average grades and an above average engineering college.

Was I satisfied? No. Because I used to be jealous of the fact that most of my friends are in the top colleges of the country and they are going to get top packages.

In college, worked on a lot of things and eventually realised that I love coding. I made bunch of products which I didn’t know then would become mildly successful companies later on.

And I really used to enjoy that. I used to be really satisfied sitting in the library and coding for hours. I never attended classes, and soon got over the notion that good grades mean satisfied lives.

But while I was building products, I also applied to a top company called Directi. Got an amazing job offer and took that. Coding for myself and making products took a back seat.

I thought a 16L job means a lot of money and satisfied and simple life. Directi is a great company and the internship and job was great but that was not my true calling. I still missed building products. Since sixth standard I have been programming because I loved it, not because it was a means to make money.

Money too doesn’t translate into satisfied and simple life.

Then I quit. Started a company and for the first ten months was drawing a salary of 25k per month. Basic life, doing what I love and was really enjoying what I did.

Then I got into a relationship with the girl I fell for while in college. I thought relationship means simple and satisfied lives and I am already enjoying everything this would be an icing on the top. I soon realised relationship doesn’t mean satisfied and simple life. Not every relationship. You have to work towards it, both the partners have to fight to keep it working and not otherwise. Just getting into a relationship won’t ensure that you’re happy and satisfied.

Then I had a breakup and took awhile to get to normal. But I was doing what I loved so that was one thing that did make me satisfied and happy.

Eventually the company got acquired and I made more money. But what I was looking forward to was investment from the company which acquired us to build more cool products. They did give us the money and we did build Flatchat. I was happy and satisfied.

Then I started reading and researching on how to make my life even better, and sometimes when it is not I refer the same.

Your daily life can be divided into three parts

  • Work 8 hours
  • Sleep 8 hours
  • Rest of the things 8 hours

Work on something that you really like and figure out a way to make money of it. It’s easy, just read some books, interact with people who are already doing it and making money. It’s not rocket science. Just ensure 1/3rd of your time in a day is being done on something which you really love because long term happiness and satisfaction will come through it.

Sleep oh how I love to sleep, it’s beautiful and the most relaxing thing. Make sure it’s good and uninterrupted and relaxing. It’s very important to sleep well. Also when you sleep, your mind doesn’t think unnecessary thoughts. Sleep well.

Rest of the things

How can I make the rest 8 hours better to get the best out of my life and have a satisfied life

  • Exercising for one hour. Ask Amitabh Bachchan or Richard Branson, they say that one of the major reasons for their success is that they exercise daily.
  • Reading for one hour. Exercising is for physical body. Reading is for the mental body. Both are very and equally important.
  • Being around people you love. Make time and by time I mean quality time for your family, go out with friends and be around people who inspire you. Try to meet new people. Spend two hours on this.
  • Rest of the time can be broken down into the morning chores, the travelling and food. Try to come up with ideas. Spend time with yourself without the smart phone. Meditate a little.

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