Real Goals

The one where you leave for later something you don’t want to do.

This ruins your day. The fact that you haven’t done it becomes a burden that robs you of fully enjoying whatever you chose to do instead.

The second type of procrastination is more insidious and more difficult to recognize.

It’s when you leave for later the things you want to do the most.

This requires that you disguise procrastination with responsibility.

I really want to write a book but first I need to clean the house.

Then, I will do laundry.

Then, I will go to work. I have to pay the bills.

This is how your book is never written.

The solution for the first type of procrastination is to create the habit of doing what you don’t want to do first. Right away. Then you’re done, and the rest of the day feels like freedom.

The solution for the second type of procrastination is resolved by putting your dreams first. Your creativity first. Your joy first. Your legacy first.

I can’t write a book, but I can write a page a day. I will do that first. Everything else can wait.

Never postpone what makes you feel fulfilled.

Don’t let the book of your life remain unwritten.


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